The Farm

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Ferme de L'Ile is one of the main small-scale organic vegetable producers on the island of Montreal. Situated in the heart of Senneville and within a stones throw of Lac des Deux Montagnes, only a 30 minute drive from Montreal's downtown. Our five acres of fields are scattered throughout the Morgan family's property. Their ancestral land connects to the Morgan Arboretum, a diverse 245-hectare nature reserve that is home to migratory birds and other Canadian wildlife.

Our goal is simple. We want to make organic, locally- grown vegetables accessible and affordable for our Montreal communities! We do so by holding two weekly markets in NDG, offering 35 weekly seasonal vegetable baskets with bike-powered home delivery and by supplying local health-food stores with the freshest of produce. We have recently expanded our operations to grow custom vegetables for some of Montreal's top restaurants including Joe Beef and Lucilles.

Our Story

Long-time friends and partners, Annie McLaughlin and Konstantinos Hirtle-Kattou, began their farming careers back in 2014 when they founded BioCyclette Montreal. What started off as an initiative to help neighbours grow food in their yards using bicycle transportation, quickly escalated to a successful gardening service as well as the creation of three profitable market gardens.


In 2014 we were selling our crops through the NDG Food Bank as well as directly to neighbours in the form of markets. Then in 2015 Konstantinos managed Ferme Zephyr, the first organic farm on the island and was exposed to various elements of high quality vegetable production.

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2016 marked the creation of Ferme de L'Ile as we expanded our markets, customer base and line of credit. With the hard work put in this year and for years to come we purchased two tractors, three greenhouses and signed a five year lease to continue our production on Morgan land. We will always stick to our values of making our produce accessible to the community but are shifting our efforts towards farmers markets and restaurant orders as it offers stability to our production.